I will achieve better results if I want to get to, want to do and not have to do. The same applies for tasks. If I want to do it, then it's for me; if I have to do it, then it is for others. Our motivation depends on our freedom of choice.

Sir. John Whitmore

Achieve your purpose by arguing and questioning on what you have done so far to find a solution to your problems. Think on the events and listen actively and proactively to them. Have someone abreast who can listen, observe and give to you very detailed feedback.

Someone able to get you inspired and motivated. Someone able to give you more choices to walk your way. Someone who talks openly and sincerely to your soul, your heart, you.

Being you interested in solving any personal, working or team issue.

For all of this, there is a Coach .

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What you bring home


Imagine an old well, a chain crossing the masonry, and dives inside with an attached bucket. Whenever you lift that bucket and recoil it, to draw water, the chain creates a groove on the edge of the wall. Whenever, for some reason, the chain goes out of that pit will soon come back in it. That groove is the biggest limiter of your potential. Why? Simply, it represents your habits, your attention, and when you try to change them, maybe you can resist a little but then get rid of it and start over with the same habits, thoughts, attention. How many times have you already done so?


Do you have a coach? If your answer is “no”, you are limiting the achievement of your goals: being them personal, career or sport goals. And with no results, you limit your success; it happens because a coach helps you identify and focus on what matters to you, that something speeding up your purpose. A coach is a facilitator keeping the chain away from the groove, to create a new way, new habits, thoughts, results.


Contact me, and we will find the fastest route to your results.


When you start doing something, one of the first thoughts usually coming to your head is “Will I do it?”.


The good news is yes, you can do it.
The bad news is that in order to do so you may have to engage much more than other people who adopt other strategies, and they will also get better results than yours, in much less time.


Thanks to the NLP methodology and the neuroscience-related productivity techniques you will learn with ease having fun, you acquire skills in a simple and effective way, with lasting results and superior performance than your competitors. And I let you get skills according to your needs in a tailored manner: if you want to fish, I will teach you how to do that; agriculture will be improved for those who want to farm.


Among the activities that you can greatly improve: sales, persuasive linguistic, public speaking, communication & storytelling.


So when do we start?


Build a boat in solitude; you will do it, you can do it well too. Think about how and how much you will have to do to build or mount certain things that inevitably alone are almost irreconcilable unless you employ so much energy, inventiveness and time. Now, imagine building the same boat with a team of five people – a similar and potentially better result, in 80% less time, using less energy, inventiveness and time.


Creating a team of people with complementary skills guided by a leader aiming to a common goal on which they feel responsible and offering mutual help.


This is what you can achieve in your work, in your sport, in your activities where there are groups of people but not yet a team. And the funniest thing is that in order to get these wonderful benefits from your TEAM, I use an extraordinary method of awareness and learning based on experiential constructionism, called Lego Serious Play.


Do you still get the idea of ​​having an effective and productive team? Contact me and we will create it!

Often than ever during Coaching, productivity or Team building activities I use Lego Serious Play ®, a methodology to favor creative process growth through deep thinking activities based on LEGO ® bricks usage to create metaphors on individual, organizative and relational identities above their own experiences.

The method is a passionate and practical process to build trust, committment and understanding. The approach is based on the scientifically proven fact that by putting together both brain and manual activities produce a deeper and most significant understanding on reality and its possibilities; moreover, participants easily develop effective communication abilities, the emersion of their own imagination and face their own tasks with more trust, committment and intuition.

That's the case to say, with Lego Serious Play ® you can build your future.

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Enrico Carollo

Hello, my name is Enrico Carollo and I'm a certified Licensed NLP Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP by the NLP Society of Richard Bandler & John La Valle. Among my top trainers and coach I want to highlight: Owen Fitzpatrick and Paolo Borzacchiello.

Computer science by studies and Coach by choice, I handle for more than 15 years consulting activities for important Companies in different sectors; among them industry, media, fashion, luxury, banking and insurance in operative, structural and managerial projects. I am specialist in individual and team productivity, communication as a facilitation method to hit results, coaching, sales-communication-marketing specific and persuasive language, public speaking, and teamworking collaborating with important national partners on the above.

Since 2009 I have been working on Agile & Agility, of which I prefer the Kanban method I have been certified, and I attended the certification courses in Scrum Master and Lego Serious Play facilitator. From 2017 I'm a team member at Agile Business Day creating itinerant events among companies, for companies and for all the public interested in Agile, with the aim of being contagious in useful and effective practices in this frenetic world.

For further info or curiosity visit my social networks pages linked below.

To contact me, write an email to: contactme [ at ] enricocarollo [ dot ] com

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