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When you make a poor question, you’re playing the chances of getting a useful answer. It’s worth living, and it’s worth selling.

It happens more and more often to hear questions thrown there, the so-called “ice breaker” of a speech, such as the very poor

“What keeps you awake at night?”
“What challenge you are facing in this period”

or the evergreen and even more useless

“What are your upcoming / current projects?”.

Wake up! Please!

With such questions your prospect mind travels everywhere known, and the answer probably will tell you something that YOUR product can’t solve.

What to ask then?

“Many of my clients are working hard on A, B and C issues. Which of these are you facing too?”

A, B, and C are issues that YOUR product can solve very well.
At first, everything can go well and hear “yes, of course! B!”; All right, talk about B (sales) and try to figure out if there are other issues that your product can deal with (upsell). The person you are facing will feel together with an expert on the subject, and will feel teamed with others facing the same issues. It’s in a cask of iron!
Some of you can even say: “eh, and what if they tell you NO; NONE OF THESE?”.
Very easy. answer:

“Great, the best time to deal with any issue is to face it BEFORE it arrive, just because in this period they grow up quickly and unexpected!”

Because what you say, worth. It’s worth a lot.
And if you want to make it worth more, contact me  here, on LinkedIn or Facebook. Hear from you soon!

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