Rule #1: take control of your sales process

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Health at first! Because if you are not healthy, I don’t think you would like to be managed by a doctor who ask others treatment decisions about you.

Likewise, take control of your sales process from the beginning till the end. It’s easier said than done, it requires commitment, study and dedication, but the benefits are enormous. We could talk about this for hours, the summary is that who doesn’t perform well, or who is on average, has no control over the sales process. And s/he tells excuses: age, market, crisis.

A classic example is the

“I’ll let you know in a dozen days”

This, together with other sentences, must become a rarity in dialogues with your Customers. Ask, hold on, and take control of the entire sales cycle. This is your sales process. You are the expert, consultant, advisor of the situation. You have the duty to take the whole control.

Let’s go back now, after clarifying what I’m referring to, to the initial analogy. I guess you don’t go to the doctor saying

“Good morning doctor, I have a rare illness that makes me grow a ball into my body, it must be surgered urgently, but before the surgery I want to make some imaging to understand the right position of the ball so I can decide which is the best surgery technique to be used. Imaging must be taken within 10 days, meanwhile I found that assuming Sbaucchina the disease will not progress, so you have to prescribe 2 packs of these pills. Meanwhile, you must progress documentation for my hospitalization within 40 days. I feel to recommend some notes: the engraving should be made from the back because I really care of my chest, and please use the scalpel and the suture material by FuffaPuffa. “

Sounds a little strange to be a talk with your doctor, right? When you are with your customers, the doctor is you.

Decide what you want to do.

Start deciding to take care of your business: do your miracle.

And when you need help, contact me  here, on LinkedIn or Facebook. Listen from you soon!

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