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Think with your hands: what the hell it means?

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reading time: ininfluent, it is so much interesting you won’t care 😉

Can a game be a serious activity to the point of creating coaching programs and productivity enhancement activities that are effective just because they are played with the famous bricks?

Let’s proceed with order; the reason why the bricks are so immediate is largely due to the same reasons why when we were children playing with lego, could get many forms and meanings with just three pieces and we still can remember those models today. So if you adopt the constructionism methodology to attribute meaning to the different pieces, for the same reasons it will be easier for you to remember what you have made. It looks a little bit different from the usual meeting or brainstorming all slides-pens-notebooks where you end up with so much fog on your brain and less clear ideas than when you started.

start somewhere: you can not build a reputation for what you want to do (H. Ford)

As a second element, participation among people is another top goals of LSP. In fact, classical business meetings are suffering some problems, including these top three:

  1. 80% of things are said by 20% of people. It may be for shyness, lack of interest or fear to say not-so-good things, but the statistics confirm this incontrovertible fact;
  2. the “leader” who leads the meeting is typically even more frustrated than attendants could slam his strategy, and guides the meeting accordingly to logic and strategies that lead to his conclusions;
  3. the notes are not focused: typically, they are large bullet point lists, with arrows and sudden links, and very little space to broaden ideas.

LSP tackles these 3 examples with vehemence and simple, fun, and enforceable rules:

  1. everyone participates. It is an assumption of the core process of LSP, which by design requires the parity of all participants;
  2. the facilitator is not typically the leader of a team, and if he has embraced a total opening mentality towards the participants;
  3. a few notes, mostly concepts / keywords, and many photos of constructed scenarios – the models are what represents experiences through powerful metaphors – besides being significant because they are observable, touchable, and representative of reality.

We need brave people, not just good people (H. Ford)

Obviously, to put into practice what is described above, business leaders need to be courageous people who do not have all the answers and are indeed happy to welcome ideas and suggestions from their collaborators. On the other hand, as Henry Ford says (if you didn’t get he’s one of my favorites mentors):

getting together is a beginning, staying together is a step forward, working together a success

Are you a manager who thinks he always knows more than an answer? Remember that

if each of us would recruit people smaller than ourselves, we would become a gnome company (D. Ogilvy)

Come on then: why think with your hands? The concept comes from neuroscientific evidence: about 70% of neural connections are used to control hands, fingers and wrists. Therefore, when we have to think, we certainly put in place mechanisms that drive such joints (in fact many people start to play with what comes to their hands).


Fortunately, neuroscientific researches also say that vice versa works too, that is, by operating hands, the corresponding brain areas are also tickled. Then, moving your hands, you activate at least 70% of your brain. Interesting, right?

Here’s why good ideas, those who did not want to come, really come when we do practical activities: paint your room, DIY, or just a shampoo in the shower 🙂

What’s the best part to start then, if not a fun and wonderful workshop to create the elements that will make it a very powerful glue for your team?
Because remember:

even what you do not reveal your intentions

For all of these reasons, please contact me here, on LinkedIn and Facebook to arrange your Lego Serious Play workshop as soon as possible.

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Hear from you soon!

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