Useful thinking tips and tricks to become a leader

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Sabotaging beliefs we think at, and broadly what we trust and tell ourselves in our inner speech to get what we aim to but in an unfruitful way, produce subconscious negative thinking through repetitive schemes creating– and almost all the time does – real life consequences, mostly on surrounding and influencing world.

How beliefs affect leadership

In teamwork if you think or tell yourself people will disappoint you then you’ll have preservation instincts that will keep you tightly coupled within your world, colleagues will think you are a lonely worker doing your job for your only career and with a competitive nature by hardly giving support to others, thus reinforcing your thinking and beliefs.

On the other side, in teamwork, when you think people are collaborative then your instincts will lead to share informations opening your boundaries, colleagues will be happy to help and share other pieces of informations and will think you are a collaborative person, able to enforce teamworking, will give you support reinforcing your beliefs by giving exactly what you think.

So said, all reflect the quote:

Life is like a mirror: it gives back what you are

The most subtle way these beliefs build up your world is exactly throught the influence on behaviour. As dott. Juliana Breines wrote in her Psychology Today article, if you think that you can, have competencies, that you deserve the job of your life, it will be highly probable you will notice all things able to lead to your dream job thus finding opportunities making you walk throught your path.

How does this mechanis work?

One of the most powerful beliefs in life is:

we don0t see the world as it is, but how we are

and for those practicing PNL sounds like:

map is not the same as the territory

Let’s imagine a peaceful and wonderful trail on the mountains, green grass, rocky mountain with snowy peaks, and a wonderful sunny day, with a blue sky, a breezy fresh air and a powerful and energizing feel. Uau! This is the territory.

The map is how our experiences warp the territory, or what it is, with what we perceive. A person having great days climbing the mountains in a similar day could only tell you of fabulous adventures and stunning landscapes. A person who has had a misfortune and lost a loved one because of an accident, will have a bad memory with a similar scenario.

In both people, anchors to the event will warp the territory or how things really are, with the map or what we know about those things.

Another sample is with child food: how many had eat broccoli wathing and snoring at them, and how many will instead eat it?

Change your beliefs to become a leader

The most exciting thing is that maps can be modified. To get this goal all you need is to change your beliefs by looking and watching at things for what they really are instead of for how they let us feel and perceive.

Many beliefs we have, following several psychologycal studies in US and Europe, are installed before the age of 6 and are affected by: teachers, parents, family, peers, media and all spreading communication messages. All of this creates distorcing glasses with which we look at things, at the world, not as it is but as we are.

When we are able to understand beliefs are just repetitive thinking said more and more time within our head, told to our ears, or seen with our eyes, we will be able to doubt about certain truth being able to inspire others. And to make and build this useful pieces of thinking, a powerful question we can ask ourself is:

How what I lived influenced what it really is?

Take the habit to question what you know. Truth is not a single piece depending from many factors. Change point of view, think outside of the box, be imaginative. Be Leader.


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