Mindset, leadership and … Gandhi

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What we know as mindset, or forma mentis, is the way in which we think at things. In detail what we are and gain depends partly from our abilities, being them natural or built up, and widely from how we face issues and situations.

What we think, our intelligence, interests, attitudes with which we live our life aren’t part of human heritage or unmodifiable concepts; instead they have been molded on a blank mind, a mostly-empty brain, the one of a child, the child we were. In the same way they have been installed, so they can be dismounted and rebuilt as we like, with practice, determination and time.

this is what prof. Carol Dwek from the Stanford University, in her book “mindset”, drive us to build. Changing our mind from static to dynamic, that is believing that abilities are gainable parts of our lives in a little short time by practicing and the willingness to open our mind.

A static mind fixes our interpretative schemas, letting us be the judge and the highlighter instead of letting us be constructive and resolver.

How do mindset and leadership link together?

A very important quote says:

to lead people you must be able to lead yourself at first

So linking what prof. Dweck wrote with the quote we can say that where your thoughts focus on, the same will happen with your behaviour. There are plenty of articles and news about how the best Leaders are those able to manage their thoughts thus being aware that what they create outside had a first version inside of them.

Leadership grows from your ability of be a self-leader. From another article I wrote (you can read it here) where your thoughts go the same your behaviour affects your external world thus letting things you desire being reachable. Thinking and acting accordingly to these ideas develops your external world as you want. In the other case, how could you inspire others if you are not? Or how could you make others responsible for their task if you’re not? And in case of companies making goods, how can you mold your product if you can’t mold yourself, being your unique master?

Go first

The commandment here sounds like: go first. That is, if you want be inspirational for others, then be the first. A sample? Think about something sad in your life, and imagine you have to start a meeting, a keynote, a speech or a usual working day. Then, change a little bit the preamble, and remember a great day in your life before starting the same meeting, keynote, speech … what about the two different results you can expect?

Now, imagine yourself with the same preamble scenarios for a visit to an hospitalized friend. What of the two do you think could be useful for him/her?

So, go-first. This is the unique commandment when you want to lead and be a leader.

Leadership and Gandhi

There’s a novel of a woman in troubles for her son’s health diseases due to sugar. She started a three days trip to bring her son to Gandhi and convince him to not eat anymore sugar. “Mr Gandhi, please, tell my son to stop eating sugar”. Gandhi thought a little bit and replied to the woman to come back in two weeks. The woman a little annoyed for the three-days trip (3+3 forth and back!) went home and after two weeks gets back to Gandhi. Gandhi saw them, look the son in the eys, and told “don’t eat sugar anymore, ’cause it is unhealthy”. The woman asked why these simple words couldn’t be said previously thus shortening their trip by 6 days. And Gandhi simply replied:

when you came I eat sugar, so I don’t know how much unhealthy it was, so I couldn’t tell your soon being persuasive


All of this to get another great quote from the Mahatma:

be the change you wanna see in others

As simple as intelligible: leaders are the first to give a sample, leaders go first. Leaders inspire because they are inspired. Leaders are acknowledged that what they think can change not only for themselves but even for surrounding people.

Be a leader.


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