The hamster’s wheel and … Leadership

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Vague thought lead to vague results.

The reason why many can not break through is because they do not pause to clarify their strategy and don’t create a plan that overcomes the inevitable obstacles that life interposes between them and their goals. Leaders at the global level know that time spent on planning is time spent on execution.

The reason why our limiting beliefs last over time derives from the functioning of our brain according to the principle that being lazy and devoted to energy saving:

the brain is developed to keep the focus on attention and thought in order to confirm our existing beliefs.

Fortunately, to transform an old and rooted limiting thought it is sufficient to train the thought by paying attention to the evidences that confirm our new empowering beliefs. Obviously, as a sequence of 50 abdominals is not enough to have the turtle,

leadership is developed from perpetuated doing over time

So guessing an idea from what you hear, finding it intelligent and applicable, often provides a false positive in the sense of the development of ability. It is the integration in everyday life that sediments concepts and develops skills, daily rituals, weekly habits and monthly processes that by the end of the year make you get the result you want.

One of the biggest barriers of transforming knowledge into action is the tendency to treat words as something equivalent to truly accomplishing something in practice.

This comes from the fact that the mind is typically enveloped in ingratitude. For example, the mind tends to postpone happiness with respect to those moments already identified and achieved, setting further illogical conditions such as:

  • I will be happier when I change cities
  • I will be happier when I find a new job
  • I will be happy when I have a satisfying relationship

These conditions simply create an increase in momentary emotional happiness before adding a new condition to our happiness, such as:

  • … and I will find a house according to certain characteristics
  • … that will know how to valorize me as merit
  • … and she / he will also appreciate my most hidden sides

and then again:

  • … and I can afford the 80″ OLED TV
  • … and the company will pay me for what I’m worth
  • … and she / he will appreciate the moments I dedicate to me

… better if I stop, right? You have already understood how the mechanism works.

All of this depends on the emotions you experience, which depend on the thoughts you have, which determine what you do. As Bandler says:

change how you feel, will change what you think; and change what you think changes what you do.

If you do not understand this, it is like running towards a never attainable happiness, like the hamster who runs, runs, runs on his wheel without ever moving, indomitable. It moves without any planned action. It acts without thought. That wheel is the comfort zone of the hamster. And yours, what is your comfort zone?

Alight the wheel. Do and act. Improve by 1% every day.

Be the leader you expect to recognize in others.


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