30 more days per year? Yes, you can!

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What would you do with 30 more days per year? It’s a whole month!

If you clicked to read this article, I think your time matters, and I can imagine your are seeking for a way to get more and more time for what you love to do, and you are searching for smart and effective ways to get it.

I do know very well what I’d do with 30 more days per year, and this is for sure a great value for you too, so you have just one thing to do: read the whole article, you’re in the right place!

First rule

At first, let’s put numbers on the table: 30 days in a year are 720 hours, out of 365 days it means build and recover less than 2 hours per day, every day. So the first rule is:

find out where you are wasting your time

For sure you do every day unuseful things, not planned tasks, or multi-tasking activities (whose effects are described here). So get out all things you really want to do, things you could avoid, and things you can delegate.

As a sample, let’s consider that in Italy there are about 59M people, of whom 39M use Internet, of whom 28M from a smartphone (+44%) and tablet (+8%) and more than one-third access internet for personal things during working hours. So take a measure, you could discover where you’re wasting time and the reason why you feel constrained to work more than necessary.

Second rule

A very simple one:


“well, Enrico, you are making things simple, but if I use time to plan, then how can I re-gain it?” Exactly, this is one of the most killing beliefs you can tell yourself. Plan your day the night before (read more about planning here) and put your effort to wake up 5 minutes early every day until you naturally wake up 30-45 minutes early every day. And instead of reading gossip news when you are sh*tting in the morning, rethink about your daily plan: it’s all time earned for your productivity!

Then, you can even make a to-do list for your important thing in the right order, by following that order until someone would kill you. Avoid tasks and people wasting your time, and learn to say “no, thanks!”.

It would be all gained time.

Third rule

How would you eat an elephant? One slice at a time, one bite at a time.
How could you nut-feed yourself? A handful at a time.

So the third rule sounds like:

for heavy tasks, chunk them down, delegate what you can, and do your stuff one bite at a time

doing this way you will increase your satisfaction and motivation by seeing completed tasks.

On the other side, there are also small chunks of tasks, those wasting lot of time more in preparation than in execution – e.g. going to post offices. Put together micro-things you can do in a trip, follow the path probably longer but as a whole shorter in time for all mini tasks you can’t delegate and put them together in a single moment.

Fourth rule

Very smart:

delegate effectively: you’ll get the time to do things only you can do

Sometimes find an agreement with other colleagues more skilled for certain tasks than you and vice-versa, by swapping tasks, could result in a better performance by increasing the overall productivity, freeing a lot of time (more info here).

Uh, you should always choose when to delegate tasks based on others and yourself: everybody has specific chronotype where they perform best with a very high attention threshold. Delegate by knowing your colleagues chronotype so that the task is made on time and you are in the timing for the tasks only you can do. About this topic I would suggest a very interesting book: The Power of When – by dr. Michael Breus, PhD

Fifth rule

Everyday teaches something useful, makes us think about something, and give us a gift.

At the end of everyday, or in the early morning if you would prefer the second rule, think at your day before, take notes of things you can do better, you can delegate, or you haven’t to do because they are just wasting time. Take a note even on things giving you a great satisfaction.

Doing like that will empower yourself 1% every day thus meaning a great improvement in a year (read more here).


If you would get even one or two things from these rules, you will be getting more in less time thus gaining energy and getting the time you need every day, or every week, as a whole gift of 30 days in a year.

To your productivity!


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